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Patients Travel Long Distances for Expert Rhinoplasty and Face Lift Surgery

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Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr Kris Conard's Article

Facial plastic cosmetic surgery poses special challenges not only for the surgeon but also for the patients. Increased knowledge of treatments among the public is also now linked with increased expectations and demands.

All my Toronto rhinoplasty,Toronto facelift and other patients express concerns about preserving their self-identity while at the same time enhancing their natural potential. Highly qualified surgeons with international reputations understand that in order to satisfy these demands facial plastic surgery must be performed prudently with awareness that no surgical intervention is merely superficial. In particular, facial operations not only require thorough knowledge of the inner structures and their functioning but also a fine-tuned artistic ability. Such talent is usually apparent in looking at surgical results. With the availability of the Internet, the choice is made easier. This may be one factor explaining the increasing trend in which patients travel across countries- and sometimes even continents- in search of the best care.

Since the face is a very special anatomical region, patients want to be absolutely certain about the best chance of their expectations being met. Although, generally, travel for the purpose of acquiring goods is dictated by saving on lower prices, in the case of enhancing personal image with better facial aesthetics, such incentive does not play a role. The choice of the surgeon is so important that it overshadows the inconvenience and costs of travel necessary, at times requiring more than just one visit.

The new type of facelift that we introduced in North America has attracted a lot of attention due to its excellent results and fewer side effects, and is one reason, I have found, that has drawn foreign and out-of-town patients.

A special technique for correcting previously unsatisfactory results of rhinoplasty surgery, which was developed here, at the University of Toronto, gave a handful of surgeons the advantage to offer solutions which were previously not available. Approximately 60% of my rhinoplasty practice is comprised of this type of operation; many of them are patients from far away.

Many patients who are willing to travel for facial cosmetic surgery treatments are highly positioned in the political, business and artistic worlds but it is interesting for me to note that out-of-town clientele is certainly not limited to this group either.

In view of the fact that this type of surgery in most instances is not carried out in public hospitals, which are not well-equipped for these purely elective treatments, a special facility is required to accommodate the patients’ needs as well as provide a safe environment with well-trained, experienced personnel. Such facilities should be certified by an accreditation body. Our establishment provides a hotel suite located in the clinic site for the convenience and privacy of the patients who come from afar. The increased number of these travelling patients necessitated such an arrangement. A lot of local patients also use this service for comfort and peace of mind.


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