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What you should know about lower facial rejuvenation

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Lower facial rejuvenation involves corrections of the neck, lower face and mid face. Patients often arrive in my office with concerns about sagging of the neck tissue and fullness under the chin. For fullness of the chin, if it occurs in younger individuals (often diet and exercise-resistant) with good skin elasticity, correction can be carried out through liposuction or direct fat excision surgery. The resulting scar is well hidden in the shadow of the jaw and not easily detectable. The recovery for this procedure takes about two weeks and the patient wears a supportive dressing. Recently, injections with fat dissolving medication have been introduced. Although it may be effective, this treatment has not been around long enough to judge its effectiveness over the long term.

Kris Conrad
For cases of fullness under the chin in older individuals, it is usually associated in changes in the lower face and such corrections are best addressed with a middle lower facelift with reshaping of the neck. The resultant scars are often difficult to detect.

Another complaint I often get from patients is about wrinkling around the mouth. Although facelifting can improve the sagging skin around the mouth without creating an unnatural, stretched look, the wrinkles may require additional treatment in the form of laser skin resurfacing.

There are various surgical techniques used in facelifting and they differ in their effectiveness, side effects and length of post-op recovery. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, the best method is chosen for that patient’s individual issue.


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