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Rhinoplasty ProcedureThe nose occupies the centre of the face – a very important aesthetic segment. It is not unusual that a small nasal refinement may bring out attractive facial features, creating a striking impact. The shape of the nose is designed carefully by Dr. Conrad with the patient’s participation prior to rhinoplasty surgery. This is done with the aid of medical photographs and, if needed, a state-of-the-art medical imaging device. Dr. Conrad has a reputation for using careful judgment to obtain natural rhinoplasty results.

“A rhinoplasty, out of all the plastic cosmetic operations, is the most challenging scientifically, technically and artistically. It provides a rewarding experience for the surgeon and most importantly, immense patient satisfactions”…

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty SurgeryPicture Dr. Conrad sees numerous patients still legitimately concerned about their appearance, despite having undergone multiple rhinoplasty surgery by other surgeons.

In revision rhinoplasty, a most complex procedure, Dr. Conrad corrects the unwanted outcomes of previous primary rhinoplasty surgeries. This requires an exceptional volume of experience, packaged with an innovative ability to apply many techniques to repair damaged anatomy and create the desired result.

Plastic surgery of the nose is thought to be the most difficult among all the cosmetic operations. Most surgeons consider a rhinoplasty a significant challenge, as it requires not only considerable artistic talent but also scientific understanding of function…

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African American Rhinoplasty

African American RhinoplastyThe anatomy of a black nose tends to have a flatter (lower) bridge, flaring wider nostrils, a soft flat tip with lack of definition, thick fatty skin and a deeper angle between nose and forehead.

The nasal cartilages tend to be weak as compared to the stiffness of the nasal bones. That being said, Dr. Conrad wants to emphasize that there is significant variability.

African American Nostril Reduction

The same technique of narrowing the nostril bas applies to all noses, regardless of the ethnic origin. The same limitations also apply. They depend on the thickness of the nostril wall, which in African American noses, is usually considerable. Special attention must always be given to the placement of the incisions in order to minimize scarring…

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty ProceduresAnatomical characteristics of an Asian nose are similar to an African American nose and the same features can also be found in caucasian noses. The same surgical methods are applied. The choice of method is dictated by the anatomical findings and not ethnicity. It is also influenced by the patient’s aesthetic preferences…

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Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Open vs Closed RhinoplastyDr. Conrad discusses open versus closed rhinoplasty – careful distinction, an experienced decision.

Dr. Conrad uses both open and closed rhinoplasty to reshape the nasal tip. Here is a brief description of each method for the benefit of a prospective rhinoplasty patient. The choice depends on the patient’s nasal anatomy, clinical requirement and is very important for maximizing the rhinoplasty result…

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