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Anti Aging Cosmetic Surgery Toronto


Anti-Aging Cosmetic Surgery Aging is a process of deterioration. “Graceful aging” is to prevent or correct signs of deterioration related to mental or physical health, as well as body appearance. The latter is alleviated by a well planned and skillfully performed cosmetic plastic surgery including, but not limited to, face lift, forehead lift, and eyelift procedures.

“The best results of cosmetic plastic surgery should restore or emphasize your natural potential without showing signs of surgery.”

~Dr. Kris Conrad Anti-aging Surgery in Toronto. A frequently asked question is “when is cosmetic surgery to reverse the signs of aging necessary?” aging of the face and neck is difficult to camouflage. It has a variable pattern, mainly influenced by genetic factors and life style.

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The best answer is when slackness of the skin of the face and neck and bagginess of the eyes is not a temporary condition relieved by rest, or which becomes increasingly difficult to improve by cosmetics.

The changes associated with aging do not occur all at once – they happen in a slow or not easily apparent manner and involve several components of the face.

The skull actually becomes thinner and smaller, thereby causing the overlying tissues, particularly the area of the face, to be in excess. This phenomenon, along with simultaneous loss of skin elasticity, results in the deepening of the lines of expression in the forehead and at the sides of the mouth. Sagging of the outer part of the eyebrows, so that the eyes appear small and “crow’s feet” form, the development of pouches along the jawline, and, of course the well known “double chin” all become evident.

At the same time degenerative changes occur in the outer layer of the skin itself so that it seems to “look tired”, but more important, some faces become etched with numerous fine wrinkles in addition to sagging.

The muscles around the eyes often weaken so that fat herniates through them to produce the commonly seen “bags” or pouches, giving a tired and aged appearance. Part of the fat of the face is absorbed and the remainder begins to hang down unevenly and loosely due to the effects of gravity. Finally, and some people are seldom aware of this, the tip of the nose drops causing it to appear larger and longer.

It can be seen, therefore, that each individual presents a different condition or set of conditions, and consequently, the corrective procedures indicated vary with the case. For example, one person may require only elevation of sagging eyebrows or improvement in the eyelids; a very young individual may need only correction of an early double chin or a change in a “tired and sad” facial expression by forehead and eyebrow correction. On the other hand, a partial or complete face and neck lift may be called for. Finally, when the skin is weather-beaten in appearance, it may not be improved enough unless a chemical peel or laser resurfacing is done.

The treatment plan and its timing will depend on the patient’s general health, psychological and socio-economic condition. It will be carefully discussed and explained during the preoperative consultation.


Not everyone seeking this type of surgery is an acceptable candidate. Dr. Conrad turns down people with serious uncontrolled disease, those who are too obese, or those whom he feels have unrealistic expectations or improper motivation.

Such surgery turns back the clock but it does not stop it. No operation can permanently prevent aging; but the individual never appears as old as she or he might if the operation had not been done.

You must be willing to accept the temporary swelling and discoloration that occurs to a varying degree following such operations. Though usually visually disconcerting, it is seldom painful, and most people feel it is a negligible inconvenience to pay for the physical and psychological improvement they experience over the years that follow.

As with all surgery, there will be scars, but these will be hidden in the hair or placed in natural facial folds or lines so that they eventually become inconspicuous or virtually invisible.   They may be adequately camouflaged with cosmetics and hairstyling soon after the operation. No matter how meticulously the surgery is performed, the quality of the scar can never be fully anticipated as it varies with the metabolism of healing peculiar to each individual patient and different with each region of the body. The much feared scar, called keloid, is extremely rare on the face and unheard of on the eyelid. Should poor scarring occur, minor revision under local anesthetic six to eight months later, is carried out in anticipation of improvement.


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