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Lip Enhancements & Augmentation Procedures Toronto

Lip Augmentation Procedure & EnhancementMany people naturally have full lips, and others have a thinner lip, these patients could benefit from lip augmentation. As we age the upper lip elongates, where the skin from the nose to the upper lip lengthens vertically allowing for a thinner appearance, lip augmentation would be a great option for these patients.

Lip Augmentation is the procedure which uses synthetic or biological products or surgical restructuring to enhance the lips in many ways. Augmentation can be achieved by many procedures, some better than others. The ideal lip filler would be soft, pliable and permanent, yet removable, inexpensive and cause NO complications in any patient. At this time and moment that just isn’t possible. However, doctors try their best with what is available.

Indications for Lip Enhancement

For persons with small, deflated lips, asymmetry, reconstructive needs, dropping or sagging upper lip, lack of color, wrinkling from smoking or aging and other complaints. Depending on the problem there are many ways to augment lips, included are synthetic fillers, one’s own fat injected, or surgical manipulation of the lip to rotate it allowing for a fuller look.


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