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Double Chin Removal – Submental Liposuction Toronto

The Benefits of Double-Chin Removal (Submental Liposuction – Lipectomy)

Double Chin Liposuction(Submental Liposuction – Lipectomy)Some excess weight cannot be addressed by dieting or exercise, and this is one of those cases.  Double chins can occur in the absence of excessive weight elsewhere, and because the tissue fullness is visible near the facial features and very difficult to camouflage, it can contribute to an uncomplimentary aesthetic perception.

In short, the benefit of the submental lipectomy is that after excess fat has been surgically removed, the new facial contours will contribute to an impression of slimness, regardless of your body weight.

Improvement of the chin/neck contour by itself, without a lower face lift, can only be performed with good effects in young individuals with adequate skin elasticity. At times it may also require deep tissue adjustments.Double Chin Removal Surgery (Submental liposuction – Lipectomy):  The ProcedureAn alternative method to surgical excision of excessive body fat, liposuction, was first used in France in the 1970s. Its application in head and neck cosmetic surgery followed in the 1980s. It is particularly useful in young individuals where good elasticity of the skin allows excessive fat to be removed from the neck without creating exaggerated skin folds.

The method has gained popularity because of the small incision and little post-operative discomfort. Its main drawback is the risk of asymmetry and occasional dimpling. These can be minimized by the careful selection of candidates and various modifications in the technique. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, frequently as an adjunct to other facial operations.

Some so-called double chins may be eliminated surgically by a short incision in the crease below the chin with removal of excess fat. This operation is seldom sufficient by itself, particularly in older patients, and in most instances a face-lift operation is also required. The most common side effect of this procedure carried out without face lifting, is residual skin fullness at the lateral extent of the incision.

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