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Chin Augmentation – Mentoplasty Toronto


Chin Augmentation (Mentoplasty) ProceduresAesthetic proportions of facial features have been studied over the centuries by great artists such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Harmony of the facial features is a prerequisite for a pleasing and attractive appearance. It can be achieved not only by the correction of an oversized nose, but also by improving the definition of the cheek prominences and chin augmentation. These procedures have become very popular due to the introduction of medical grade synthetic materials now used in all surgical specialties.

Mentoplasty or chin augmentation: The procedure

Chin augmentation is usually not carried out until the age of 20 when the development of the bone is considered complete. The surgery may be done under local anesthesia. It is performed through a small incision made under the chin. In some instances, the incision may be made inside the mouth.

The healing is usually complete in one week. A medical grade synthetic implant is used to increase chin projection. This material has been used in hundreds of cases and it is recognized to be completely safe. It resembles the consistency of the patient’s own tissues. It is very difficult therefore to detect the presence of the implant in the chin after a short time following the operation.

Some degree of swelling and bruising persists up to two or three weeks following surgery. At times, the movements of the lower lip are slightly restricted for a few weeks until the muscle recovers and tissue swelling subsides. This may only be apparent to the patient. Occasionally small areas of numbness may be noticed around the chin and lip. This is usually transient and permanent complications are extremely rare.

Chin implants do not impose restrictions on sporting activities.

Until the incision has healed (five to seven days), your diet should consist of soft foods. Over the counter mouthwashes should be used after every meal to cleanse the oral cavity. Keep the chin movement at a minimum i.e. talking and smiling, during the first two weeks.

Infection in the area is extremely rare but if it persists, the implant may have to be removed under local freezing to be replaced four months later if necessary.

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