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Cheek Augmentation & Malar Implants Procedures Toronto


Cheek Augmentation ProceduresThe signs of aging begin very subtly, yet leave a powerful impression. Frequently, they mislead and make us appear older than our years. One such sign is sunken, sagging cheeks, which add years to a face.

In younger patients, cheeks may have been genetically destined to be unusually flat or lack balance with the rest of the features. Gender identity issues may also involve correcting proportions among the facial features with medical grade cheek implants.

The benefit of malar and submalar [cheek] implants is that they restore deep volume where it is needed most: The cheeks and cheekbones.

Dr. Conrad’s patients expect and experience a warm, reassuring ambience. Dr Conrad’s clinic is comfortable and inviting; the staff is gentle and respectful. Your trust and
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Cheek augmentation: The procedure

It is important to note that very few people have facial contours that yield to cheek augmentation. When genetics has created flat or sloping facial surfaces under the eyeballs, we can accentuate these by inserting medical grade implant materials, usually through an incision inside the mouth for a permanent result. Temporary injectable fillers can also be used for this purpose.

Facial swelling is considerable following the surgery and can last for two weeks. The incidence of facial asymmetry [unevenness] can require a second minor operation. This and other possible complications are very rare and are controllable. All will be discussed with you preoperatively.

Future injury to the face may displace the implant and occasionally infection may necessitate its removal. There are other rare risks involved, which Dr. Conrad will be happy to discuss with you during your office consultation.

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