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After Your Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Swelling is always present after all facial operations. It will be decreased if you sleep in an elevated position and spend most of the daytime out of bed.

You should avoid straining, bending and lifting.

The discomfort is usually moderate and controlled by pain killing medication. Do not take any preparations containing aspirin or vitamin E for three weeks before your scheduled surgery and ten days after surgery. You will receive a complete list of instructions that must be followed. Strenuous exercise has to be postponed for six weeks following surgery.

Immediately after surgery, some patients may feel depressed. Such a psychological reaction is usually transient and does not require medication.

Sun lamps and excessive exposure to sunshine is harmful particularly during the first six months. It is better to avoid such exposure for up to one year. Sun screens (at least 30 SPF) must also be used.

Numb areas of the face following some of the procedures (ie. nasal surgery or face lift) may be responsible for frost bite during the first six to eight months following the operation. Prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions should thus be avoided.

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