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Can Rhinoplasty Make You Look Younger?

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The fight against aging can feel like a losing battle. Despite best efforts – healthy eating, rigorous exercise, and stress management – time still finds a way to reveal itself. Particularly on your face.

Kris ConradFillers, injections, facials, and facelifts tend to be the most common go-to solutions. Soft Tissue Fillers, Chemical Peels, and Microdermabrasion all rank in the top 5 of most requested cosmetic procedures. While these options are minimally-invasive (and popular), they may fail to deliver effective, long-lasting results.

According to Dr. Kris Conrad (Nasal & Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Institute & Laser Centre), an award-winning plastic surgeon with over 25 years’ experience, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is highly successful at restoring a youthful appearance because it addresses the primary causes of aging on the face.

Over time, the face loses subcutaneous fatty tissue. This loss of volume and fullness makes your face appear smaller. As your face reduces in size, other facial features – like your nose – appear larger. Adding to this effect, the nasal tip tends to droop and sag. The result is a face that appears less proportionate and more tired.

Nose reshaping restores the proportional balance of your face and delivers a natural, rejuvenation effect.

One of Dr. Conrad’s former patients, Julia, said she not only looked younger, but felt younger following her rhinoplasty procedure: “I had been embarrassed about the size and shape of my nose. But now, I feel fantastic! I feel younger and more self-confident.”

If you’re looking to effectively and naturally reverse the aging process, rhinoplasty offers a more long-lasting solution than many non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Rhinoplasty can enhance definition, proportion and balance your facial features, and elevate your overall attractiveness.
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Curious to see how a reshaped-nose can enhance your appearance? Try Face Touch Up app on Dr. Conrad’s website.


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