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What Is The Best Nose For You?

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When a patient comes to you for a rhinoplasty, do they have a specific shape in mind? Which are some of the most popular requests?


A rhinoplasty procedure is considered to be the most demanding and intricate of all the cosmetic operations we perform. The complexity is partly due to the fact that the nose is so close to other crucial parts of the face, and plays such an important role in facial aesthetics and the patients’ self-image. The latter motivates a lot of individuals to request a special type of nasal appearance. At times, patients requesting nasal reshaping would like to achieve the nose similar to their favourite movie stars. Most frequently, references are made to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson. Older individuals tend to favour the nose of the late Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Males seem to prefer Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum.


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