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Aesthetic Preferences In Rhinoplasty

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1 on 1 with Dr. Kris Conrad

What do most individuals desire in their rhinoplasty result?

Research has shown that smaller, well-defined noses are preferred by the vast majority of females and, in many cases, by males as well.

Such outcomes require the utmost of surgical skill and artistic ability on the part of the surgeon.

Contrary to frequently expressed views, a nose does not have to make a statement because of its size.

A smaller nose is almost universally preferred and can be achieved, notwithstanding individual physical limitations.

Either way, gender identity can and should be preserved.

In addition, the aim is to attain a natural look or appearance while improving nasal breathing function.

A well-shaped and proportioned nose will look good regardless of ethnicity.

Such goals can be achieved by an experienced, specialist surgeon.


What you need to know about injectable fillers + Botox

People frequently confuse injectables such as Botox with other injectables.

Botox in cosmetic procedures is used to immobilize certain facial muscles.

Facial muscles produce wrinkles.

Botox prevents these muscles from moving and, in some instances, from expressing negative emotions such as frowning.

Generally, what Botox does is to smooth the parts of the face that are not essential for facial expression.

It results in a rested and happier appearance. The effects lasts from 4-6 months and are limited strictly to the area where it was injected. Regular use of Botox injections prevents formation, and worsening, of facial wrinkles.

Injectable fillers, on the other hand, are used to lift folds or improve contour.

They are applied to the areas of the face which thin out with aging such as lips, cheeks, chin, and under the eyes.

There are various types of injectable fillers which differ in their chemical nature as well as the length of their effectiveness.

The most commonly used products today are made out of hyaluronic acid gel, a substance already existing in the human body.

For this reason, no allergy testing is needed. However, serious complications can arise if improperly administered.

You should make sure to choose a doctor with thorough knowledge of facial anatomy as well as the skill to effectively treat complications should they arise.


What you should know about non-surgical (injectable) rhinoplasty

Many doctors (not nasal surgeons) offer patients requiring small correction of nasal deformities injections of tissue fillers.

Naturally such treatment is not available for patients who require reduction of nasal size.

For those that choose non-surgical rhinoplasty, the effect is temporary.

As well, in cases where surgical intervention is eventually sought for a permanent result, injectable fillers may cause a disadvantage.

This is because tissue fillers can stimulate collagen formation, which can make surgery more problematic.

Prior to considering a non-surgical rhinoplasty, it is a good idea to consult a reputable nasal surgeon to learn about the broadest possible range of options.




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